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Applying to college is a complicated undertaking. Today's college admissions environment is more competitive and complex than ever before. In order to increase one's chances of admission, it's critical to present the best possible application. We're here to arm students with the support, information, and feedback they need to maximize their chances of admission to their desired school.

Our program

Our college application program guides students through every step of the process. Our counselors will work with you to:


  • put together a balanced list of schools

  • highlight your strengths 

  • write a compelling personal narrative

  • ensure that your applications are complete and free of errors

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We empower students to create unique, memorable, compelling college applications.


College consultant

Angelica graduated from Columbia University with a double major in Political Science and Creative Writing. Specializing in International Relations and Nonfiction Writing, she additionally spent a year studying abroad at the University of Oxford. In addition to working as an editor and ghostwriter, she runs a literary fellowship program abroad. For five years, she has been tutoring and advising high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, helping them develop their voices, capture their stories, and navigate the admissions process.


Angelica is dedicated to helping students produce unique personal essays, as Angelica believes the writing process can be cathartic and fulfilling for students. 


College consultant

Amber helps every student through the critical steps of choosing where to apply, ensuring that there is a healthy balance of "safety," "target," and "reach" schools on a student's list, brainstorming to draw out that perfect essay idea, ensuring that the student's college application is complete, correct, and on time, and much more. 

Amber graduated from Swarthmore College, one of the best liberal arts colleges, with degrees in Mathematics and Psychology before finishing a Master's in Social and Organizational Psychology from the London School of Economics, one of the best-ranked universities in the world. After interning at McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, Amber proceeded to become a senior recruiter at Holker Watkin, one of the top head-hunting firms in London, where she worked to fill senior strategy roles across industries with the world's top tier consulting alumni. 


College consultant

Having worked on admissions committees at top universities, Elisa has helped many students get into their top choice schools. She helps students to create a balanced list of schools, navigates them through the complexities of the application process, and helps them craft compelling personal narratives.


Highly sought after by undergraduate and graduate school applicants alike, Elisa attended the University of Pennsylvania's School of Education for her own Master's in Higher Education. She is also a graduate of University of Virginia's Law School and New York University (summa cum laude). 


Our expert college counselors have helped students get into:

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Our track record of success (2020-21 Admission Cycle)

% Admit: Of the students who applied to at least one school in respective category, the percent indicates the number of students who were admitted into at least one school in that category. Rankings based on U.S. World & New Report’s College Rankings.

  • Harvard

  • Princeton University

  • Columbia University

  • MIT

  • University of Chicago

  • Yale University

  • Stanford University

  • Duke University

  • University of Pennsylvania 

  • Johns Hopkins University

  • Northwestern University

  • California Institute of Technology

  • Dartmouth College

  • Brown University

  • Vanderbilt University

  • Cornell University

  • Rice University

  • University of Notre Dame

  • UCLA

  • Washington University in St. Louis

  • Emory University

  • Georgetown University

  • University of California, Berkeley

  • University of Southern California

  • Carnegie Mellon University

  • University of Virginia

  • Tufts University

  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

  • Wake Forest University

  • New York University

  • University of California, Santa Barbara

  • University of North Carolina

  • University of California, Irvine

  • University of Rochester 

  • Brandeis University

  • Georgia Institute of Technology

  • University of Florida

  • Boston College

  • College of William & Mary

  • University of California, Davis

  • University of California, San Diego

  • Boston University

  • Case Western Reserve University

  • North Eastern University

  • Tulane University

  • Pepperdine University

  • University of Georgia

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • University of Texas at Austin

  • University of Maryland, College Park


"Application time is a widely stressful period for both students and their parents, but with Potomac Tutoring, that stress is cut to a minimum.... I was able to reach my potential and gain acceptance into not only my dream school, but many other "reaches" as well! I strongly recommend utilizing Potomac Tutoring's services for anyone applying to college."

- D.K., Winston Churchill HS

Admitted to NYU with a full scholarship, UMD with a full scholarship, Carnegie Mellon University, and Cornell University

"I was set on NYU Stern, but Yale NUS just offered me a full ride... So, I'm back to undecided right now! Also, my guidance counselor at school met the NYU Admissions Officer and my counselor told me that he remembered exactly who I was because he said "her essay was beautiful." Considering how many applications he reads that really made my day! I just wanted to share this with you because you helped me so so much on it! THANK YOU!"

- T.L., Walt Whitman HS

Admitted to NYU Stern and Yale-NUS