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Applying for ACT Accommodations

(does not apply to all students)

To request accommodations for the ACT, students must:


1.   Create an ACT web account or log in to an existing account.


2.   Register for a specific test date.


3.   When registering for the ACT test for the first time, students should indicate that they need accommodations. In general, we recommend students choose Special Testing, which allows students to take the ACT over multiple days. Upon completing the registration process, students will receive an email with instructions on how to work with a school official to submit a request for accommodations in the Test Accessibility and Accommodations System (TAA).


4.   To see if you were approved for accommodations, you should contact your school official. They can access this from the Test Accessibility and Accommodations System (TAA). The school official should also provide students who have multiple day testing with options on what days they can come in on to take different sections of the test. We recommend students take one section per day over the course of 2-3 weekends. It is important to remember that the times for testing have to be mutually agreed upon by the students and school officials.

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