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High School (Pre-SAT/ACT) Skill Development

This course focuses on improving the skills that are essential for high school, ACT/SAT, college, and beyond.
To improve these skills, we look to the following:
ACT/SAT Critical Reading Exercises

ACT/SAT Critical Reading Exercises: By working on and reviewing the critical reading passages, students are not only able to become familiar with the type of questions they will encounter on standardized tests, but they are also able to hone their active reading and time management skills.


Vocabulary: While the ACT/SAT do not have any "pure" vocabulary questions, a big part of understanding reading passages is understanding the vocabulary the author employs in the text. Students are assigned a set of vocabulary words every week and take a vocab quiz at the beginning of each class.

Challenging Literary Works

Challenging Literary Works: For these sessions, the students will be assigned short stories by the greatest literary masters in order to expose them to as many diverse writing styles as possible and strengthen their overall reading comprehension.


Grammar: Grammar usage is one of the most important skills that the ACT and SAT assess students on. It is also an essential skill for becoming an effective communicator. During these sessions, students are able to learn and practice applying the grammar rules via interactive and, dare we say, fun grammar exercises. 

Essay Writing

Essay Writing: In today's world, it is critical for students to be able to write in a compelling and concise fashion. Through-out these sessions, students will work on creative and persuasive writing prompts to improve their overall writing ability.


Math: This portion of the class is designed to help students enhance their logical reasoning skills and improve their ability to analyze and solve complex problems. The curriculum includes using ACT/SAT materials to introduce and re-familiarize students with the math concepts that are being assessed on the ACT/SAT.


Evaluations: Before the sessions start and at the end of the session, the students take an evaluation in the form of the ACT or the SAT so that the instructors and parents are able to keep track of the students' progress. Sign up for a free evaluation today by clicking here.​

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